Provoking COOL Conversations
for SMARTer Leadership

Not-for-profit organizations are communities of people who come together to improve the world. The particular focus of that improvement differs richly, but the core purpose is to make things better.

The contributions that your organization make to this calling are crafted and composed through conversations. You talk with each other about what's best to do and how best to do it.

Jazzthink is all about improving the quality of those conversations.

I have been playing around with the ways in which jazz informs our understanding of and practice in not-for-profit organizations now for about 15 years. I have found jazz to be a metaphor and model for leadership that is endlessly instructive and inspiring. I hope to be able to share some of that enthusiasm and wisdom with you through keynotes, master classes, coaching, and consulting.

To give you a taste of the quality of thinking that you will enjoy if we engage with each other, here are the two acronyms that I am currently working with to capture the insights that jazz has generated for me thus far.

COOL Conversations

My acronym for COOL is Collaborate, Observe, Originate, and Lead. These are the key intentions that flow into the practices necessary for organizational effectiveness.

SMARTer Leadership

My acronym for SMARTer is Soulful, Mindful, Astute, Responsible, and Trusting. These are the key foci for conversations that generate provocative positive leadership.