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May 2009 | Volume 2, Issue #11

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What People are Saying about Jazzthink
Brian Appointed to the Board of the Alliance for Nonprofit Management
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A couple of weeks ago, a former coaching client phoned and asked me about authentic leadership.  She is doing her Master's degree in leadership at Royal Roads University, where I did my executive coaching training, and had been asked to explore her own authenticity in relationship to leadership.  We had explored that in some depth during our coaching sessions and she wanted to review and deepen her reflections.  Her call gave me the opportunity to do the same.
Authenticity is what you discover when you grow down.  It is in the depths of your integrated being that you find the core values that form the real reason you lead.  The quality and impact of your influence in grounded in those values.  The more you know and own them, the more authentic the power of your leadership.  The more they shape the conversations that you have day-to-day with those through whom you do your work, the more beneficial the impact of your leadership.
What I have discovered so far at the core of my being are three foundational values - caring, thoughtfulness, and effectiveness.  I live those values out by convening considerate and consequential conversations that change the world for the better.  Whether I am speaking, coaching, consulting, or facilitating, I ask questions and offer suggestions that help people find and contribute their authenticity in ways that create well-being and benefits for themselves, those with whom they work, and those whom they serve. 
Caring, thoughtfulness, and effectiveness - those are the values to which I want to be held accountable.  Those are the values into which I want to continue to grow.  Those are the values in which I find my authentic leadership groove.
So, to my friend and former coaching client, a big thanks for provoking me to deepen my appreciation for the authentic values that form the core chart of my work.

Bill GeorgeCore Chart for Great Leadership - Bill George

In True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership (San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 2007), Bill George reports on his analysis of 125 in lengthy interviews with 125 leaders he came to respect and value during his 45-year career in corporate, nonprofit, and academic circles.  The interviewees discussed openly and honestly how they developed their leadership, and candidly shared their life stories, personal struggles, failures, and triumphs.
George found that all these men and women had a similar core chart for authentic leadership.  They all improvised around a core set of five qualities in leading and working with others.  They:
understood their purpose
practiced solid values
lead with heart
established connected relationships
demonstrated self-discipline

Further, George found that developing these five qualities of an authentic leader was not a sequential process but rather something these leaders continued to grow into throughout their lives.  Their work was their learning lab and they were constantly seeking ways of managing themselves and exercising their influence more authentically.
Barack ObamaJazz, Leadership, and Teamwork Quote of the Month
Now we have a better idea of [the Obama administration's] rhythm and sound. Gone are the grating power-rock solos of the Bush administration and in is a messier but soulful jazz ensemble. George Bush had a mission and a doctrine. Barack Obama has an agenda and an approach. ... Obama still asserts American leadership. He has most if not all of the general goals of the Bush administration. The difference is that he listens, engages, defines his objective precisely and identifies where there is scope for agreement and compromise and focuses his energy and attention there.
- Anthony Painter, www.guardian.co.uk, Friday 10 April 2009

What People Are Saying about Brian's Facilitation
"Our board of directors had recently been through many changes.  After some work on redefining our mission, we realized that we needed to address our board role as a group of leaders.  We asked Brian Fraser to come in and speak to us about creating a leadership culture.  After an hour of discussion and 'Jazzthink' that tapped into the wisdom in the room, we proceeded to have one of the most productive board meetings of the year.  I would recommend Brian Fraser and Jazzthink to any group of people interested in working towards a common purpose."  
Jennifer Sweeney, M.Sc., President
Canadian Women Voters Congress

What People are Saying about Jazzthink
"Brian, you and the Jazzthink trio certainly added to our fellowship and exemplified the Rotary motto of being 'good for all concerned.'  I had several people say that they really liked the presentation and particularly the jazz band.  I could tell right off the bat by all the smiles.  The Rotary Club of Vancouver is made up of business people who don't excite easily, but they were certainly enthusiastic about the ways you reminded them of how to thrive by supporting people in need and worthy causes.  Many thanks for a great luncheon event."
Jim Evans
The Rotary Club of Vancouver

Brian Appointed to the Board of the Alliance for Nonprofit Management

alliance logo - bkg yellowBrian has been appointed to serve on the Board of the Alliance for Nonprofit Management.  The Alliance is the professional association of individuals and organizations devoted to improving the management and governance capacity of nonprofits - to assist nonprofits in fulfilling their mission.  Based in Washington, DC, the Alliance has a membership of over 1400 across North America and seeks to increase the effectiveness of individuals and organizations that help nonprofits build their power and impact.  For more on the Alliance, especially the advantages of being a member, visit www.allianceonline.org.   

Experience Jazzthink Live!

May 12, 2009
Vancouver Chapter to the International Society of Performance Improvement monthly  meeting - Getting REAL About Performance Improvement: Lessons From JazzClick here for more information and registration.
June 25, 2009
Vancouver Chapter of the International Coach Federation - Finding Your Coaching/Consulting Groove:  Lessons from Jazz.  This event will be at The Cellar at 3611 West Broadway in Vancouver and feature the Jazzthink Trio live.   Click here for more information and registration details.

Enjoy Great Jazz in Vancouver 

The Cellar Logo

 "Vancouver's answer to the Village Vanguard, this small (70-seat) club/restaurant presents the best local jazz, as well as some touring acts.  Great sound, which has been used to enhance the club's record label, Cellar Live."
- Down Beat magazine's list of 100 best jazz clubs in the February 2009 issue