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March 2011 | Volume 4, Issue #9      

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Too often we react rather than respond in our conversations.  The result is a costly drain on our energy, a strain on our relationships, and a stain on our credibility.  All of these impacts reduce the productivity of our teams, be they in the workplace, at our places of worship or service, or at home. 


Here's a set of contrasts that might help you consider this pattern of behaviour and its consequences more clearly.




Being cranky is driven by being irritated and frustrated.  You feel locked in, without any options.  You think you've lost control, unable to do anything about the situation. 


Being contentious is driven by the need to be right, to be in control, to be the expert and the master.  You feel that you have the solutions to all the problems.  You think others are wrong, wanting to do things that will endanger the enterprise.  You must make your point and make it stick.


Being coercive is driven by the need to win, to triumph, to come out on top and be the boss.  You feel that you have the right to rule.  You think others should follow because of your superior training, or experience, or wisdom.  You insist on getting your way.


Being calm arises from a humble confidence in the capacity of you and your colleagues to make the best of any situation.  It is filled with the hope that things can be improved and with the energy of collaborating in doing just that.   


Being curious arises from a genuine belief in the power of community to generate conversations that create new possibilities.  The future is not defined or confined by the past.  The present is the moment in which new potential emerges through your conversations.


Being considerate arises from using both your head and your heart to assess which of the options that emerge from your conversations will best serve both the purpose and the people involved.  It's about building alliances rather than forcing compliance.


Reactivity, in short, will isolate you and responsiveness will connect you.  Connected people form productive teams, attract and retain others to contribute their best, and generate bottom lines that will keep the enterprise moving forward. 


Where would you put yourself today on each of these continuums?  Where would you like to be?  How can you manage your next series of conversations to get there?


You can always change your attitudes and behaviours to generate more desirable consequences.  I know all too well that this is not always easy.  It takes intention and support.  But it is possible.  Give it a try.





Jazz Quote of the Month


Charles Limb

Charles Limb has been studying the process of creativity using brain imaging (fMRI) with jazz musicians while they improvise. Much to his surprise, his studies have generated wide interest. In an interview with Ted.com he spoke of the connection he experiences between the science and the art:


There are people who think art is going to be threatened by this type of analysis, but - no way. There's so much complexity in music. And when I listen to music, I still listen like a musician. I can get cerebral, take a more analytical approach to music, but the emotional impact or significance of music - my enjoyment of it has in no way changed. In fact, it has grown. Like every subject, you fall in love with it the more deeply you study it.


I have long been a believer that you study best what you love most. People find their core and align with it when they remember who they are, discover what they love, and are true to themselves. Bringing the heart and mind, the emotional and the intellectual, the feeling and the thinking, into alignment is the best way to flourish. To be resilient in that alignment, it is best to ground it in what you love about who you are being.


To listen to Limb's Ted Talk, click here.




Upcoming Opportunities to Engage with Jazzthink


On Friday, April 8, I'll be doing a Jazzthink session for the Richmond Organizational Development Network. Click here for more information and to register.


On Friday, April 29, I'll be doing a Jazzthink opening keynote for the Western Canada Coaches Conference at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. Click here link to for more information and to register for the conference. 




Demers Group

Core Alignment Personal Power Information Session and Program


The Demers Group, with whom I am associated, is offering another Core Alignment Personal Power Program in Vancouver in May. The initial three days (Friday evening until Sunday at 1:00PM) are May 27-29, 2011, followed by 5 distance learning sessions and a wrap-up evening.


To find out more about the program, come to an information session on Monday, March 21, from 7-9PM, at the Viva Tower at Drake and Howe in Vancouver. Click here for more information and to register.


For details of the full program, with registration information, click here 



Monthly Jazz Vespers at Brentwood Presbyterian Church


Cory WeedsIn spite of competition from the Oscars and it being a very snowy Sunday in Vancouver, the first of our monthly series of Jazz Vesper services at Brentwood Presbyterian was a great success. Cory Weeds on sax, Jodi Proznick on bass, Tilden Webb on piano, and Jesse Cahill on drums graced us with music from their souls and created a wonderful musical space for reflection on the joys of flourishing. Join us on Sunday, March 27, at 4:00PM when Susan Minemoto on piano and Kevin Elaschuk on trumpet will be with us.


Jazz Vespers - March 2011


Enjoy Great Jazz in Vancouver

The Cellar 

For information on March's schedule and reservations, click here.