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April 2011 | Volume 4, Issue #10      

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Dear Brian,   

Someone asked me early on in doing Jazzthink, way back in 2002, what instrument I played. Without really thinking, I replied, "I play the soul."


I've considered that response a lot since then and must admit it feels right.


For me, the soul is the integrating centre of my being. It is the space within which my unique brilliance and divine energy work their alchemy to compose the way I will show up in my conversations. It is the reality to which my voice gives expression, one conversation after another.


What I play with in particular are words and phrases, the notes and harmonies of a conversational composition. Like all of you, I am a jazz musician because I do my work through conversations. Every conversation is a jazz performance. My aspiration is to play my best and then play above that in every conversation I have, one conversation after another. That's how I exercise my influence and enhance my credibility in the service of productive teamwork. It's also how I learn and grow.


The way I compose the combination and flow of those words and phrases, the tone I use to create their sound, the attention I pay to learning from their impact, and the continuous improvisation I employ to improve the relationships they generate and enhance - all of these work best when they express authentically the being that is arising from my soul.


In the bio I sent to the organizers of the Western Canada Coaches Conference, I called myself a soulpreneur for the first time. As with the idea of playing the soul, it felt a bit awkward at first, but less and less as I play with it and play it. For me, it points to (and words at their best point to rather than define and confine the being that is beyond them) the source of my entrepreneuring, to the roots of my business. Only when I am serving my clients from the depths of my soul are they getting what I want to give them and what they deserve from me.


Each and every one of your has the kind of soul I've been exploring here, that centre of your being where your unique brilliance and whatever you understand your life-giving energy to be mix and mingle in positive productive ways. Bringing that soul into every conversation you have - be at work, in your community, in your family, or with yourself - is an opportunity you all have all the time.


My deep desire is that you all take those opportunities with great zest!






Jazz Quote of the Month


Douglas Silsbee Douglas Silsbee sees a jazz septet as a metaphor for the dynamics of coaching. Good coaches use 7 different voices as they support their clients in moving forward to achieve their aspirations. They can shift quickly and fluidly between the voices in order serve their clients best in the coaching conversations.


The Voices [used by the coach] are like musicians in a jazz band. There's a basic, agreed-upon structure to a jazz tune, yet as the musicians improvise - listening and responding to what is emerging in the moment - one or another steps forward to take the lead. The same piece of music is never played identically twice. Improvisation, spontaneity, and an interplay between members of the band assures that the music is fresh and alive, a reflection of a unique moment in time.


The voices or musicians Silsbee imagines coming into a coaching dialogue in The Mindful Coach: Seven Roles for Helping People Grow (2004) are the Master (modelling self-aware growth and learning), the Partner (encouraging mutual accountability with the client), the Investigator (discovering what the client values and wants to accomplish), the Reflector (providing feedback and insights), the Teacher (providing tools and information for addressing possibilities), the Guide (providing impetus and inspiration for acting), and the Contractor (clarifying and monitoring follow-through on promises).


Silsbee has a provocative take on the power of coaching to help people realize their potential. It's certainly aligned with the experience I've had with my coaching clients. 




Upcoming Opportunities to Experience Jazzthink


On the morning of Friday, April 8, from 8:30 - 11:00, I'll be doing a Jazzthink session for the Richmond Organizational Development Roundtable. Click here for more information and to register.


On Friday, April 29, I'll be doing a Jazzthink opening keynote for the Western Canada Coaches Conference at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. Click here for more information and to register for the conference.




Demers Group

Brian FraserThe Demers Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Brian Fraser as Director of the Core Alignment Professional Coach Training Program. Brian will be coordinating, teaching, and supporting students and faculty in every aspect of our ICF-accredited program - at the on-sites, during the distance learning, throughout the triads and mentor sessions, and in reaching a successful completion of the program. He will also continue as the editor of the Demers Group newsletter, Spirited Dialogue, and contribute to other Demers Group programs and contracts.


Brian has been working closely with Lori-anne and the other faculty members for almost two years now. He brings a wealth of experience to his new responsibilities. He was dean of a faith-based college at UBC and taught leadership and organizational development at the post-graduate level for over 16 years. Brian completed the Royal Roads University Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching in 2003, where Lori-anne was his mentor coach. He has applied for his PCC this year, with almost 1200 hours of professional coaching logged.


He will continue to be lead provocateur at Jazzthink and minister with Brentwood Presbyterian Church.



For details of all the Demers Group Core Alignment programs, click here




Monthly Jazz Vespers at Brentwood Presbyterian Church 


Cory Weeds

Miles BlackWith Easter falling on the last Sunday of April, we've moved Jazz Vespers at Brentwood Presbyterian Church to the third Sunday, April 17, 2011, still at 4:00PM. Cory Weeds (sax) is back from New York and will be joined by Miles Black (piano). They will be playing from their souls to ours and we'd love to have you join us for the experience.


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Enjoy Great Jazz in Vancouver

The Cellar 
For information on April's schedule and reservations, click here. Give some serious consideration to coming down to the Cellar on Friday, April 15, or Saturday, April 16, to hear vocalist Melody Diachun and her group. You'll have a wonderful time!