October 2014 | Volume 8, Issue #2    
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A New Social Enterprise in Vancouver Worth Supporting... Café 335
The Cellar Jazz Society
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If you are going to energize and engage your team, you have to make space for them to contribute. You have to be a space maker. 


Too many leaders take up too much space. Too much leadership literature is too filled with 'to dos' that take up too much space.


This article will help you imagine how to make space where your whole team can be energized and engaged in achieving their purpose.   


The Jazzthink image, so beautifully painted by Colin Righton back in 2002, can help us imagine that alternative. In its centre, there is space. Colin filled that space with brush strokes and colours that speak to me of an energy that is teeming with possibilities and he surrounded that space with musicians that are fully engaged by that energy. 


The leader of this group could be any one of the four musicians. Let's assume it's the sax player. He has four key responsibilities in making the performance happen in this space. So do you.

  • Creating the space
  • Inviting the right people into the space
  • Sharing the space
  • Appreciating what happened in the space 

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A New Social Enterprise in Vancouver Worth Supporting

Café 335 is a lunch place at 335 Pender St in downtown Vancouver, open from 10AM until 2PM, Monday-Friday. The Coast Mental Health Social Enterprise Foundation is partnering with the culinary program at Vancouver Community College to provide a training program for youth at risk, with the café as an integral part of their education. Drop in for some great food that serves a great cause.


The Cellar Jazz Society



The Cellar Jazz Society has been busy booking great jazz throughout Vancouver over the rest of the fall and into the winter. Find out here who Cory has booked to play and where they are playing. Hope to see you at some or all of these great sessions.